Modern Sanctuary Prescriptions

All Herbs are one single dose.
Only one dose to be taken in one day.
A small pinch of Salt is added in some cases, to speed the action.


Addiction – Drug, Alcohol, Nicotine

A problem of desire – Solar plexus,   and willpower – Brow centre.

     Mugwort ,  If poor vitality.   

This is enough to see improvement within ten days. This will continue, giving the opportunity to treat underlying issues.                                       


The root of this (other than difficult circumstances) can be Brow, Heart, or Solar plexus centres. Two, or even all three may be involved.

 Valerian/Yew mix    day 1 and 3          All cases.

For heart centre –  Insomnia, agitation, heat :                                                                            

Scarlet Pimpernel

 Solar plexus – Constant worry or obsessive thoughts :                                                       


Brow – Tight neck and shoulders, nightmares :


Arterial Circulation in the Legs

Includes ulcers, chilblains, some leg pains, some calf spasms.

Hedge  Mustard            
Scarlet Pimpernel          

After 10 days

Check for Heart conditions !

Arthritis – Rheumatoid

This is the result of adrenal insufficiency – the Sacral centre is depleted.

Initial treatment is

Sage,   Salt
Lady’s Mantle    women                              
Valerian/Yew mix                           Address  Diet !
Bittersweet,   Salt    

Also  add:                                                                                                        
Scarlet Pimpernel,
if inflammation doesn’t reduce at least a little within a week.

Holly         If neck stiff              

  After 2 weeks

Finally, after 2 more weeks

For  Distortion of joints                                                                     
Use  Comfrey Salve  every 3 days.

Arthritis – Osteo

Sage,  Salt
Bittersweet,    Salt

Repeat after 2 weeks

  Then, after 2 more weeks


By this we mean wheezing or difficulty breathing in.  We are not including difficulties due to phlegm.  In nearly all cases, the sacral chakra is depleted, resulting in deficiency of adrenal function – (hence the use of steroids).    

 Marsh Mallow,

 Repeat  after 1 week

Occasionally, the brow centre causes constriction.  There will be tightness elsewhere in the body~

Scarlet Pimpernel   If the chest is heavy.

When there is phlegm, the solar plexus must be treated.
This is Bronchitis, often miscalled asthma.  See COPD below.

  • When there has been prolonged use of steroid inhalers.
    Treatment will take several months, as the adrenal glands slowly regain function. With older, or weak patients, we may have to settle for only a partial reduction in steroids. But for most patients, non reliance is our goal.      

Once the patient feels noticeable benefit, we can omit one inhalation, every few days.  This can be reduced gradually to every other day, until it can be omitted.  There is no hurry !
Repeat this procedure for other inhaler doses.

Once we start the omissions

Devil’s Bit Scabious     day 1 and 4
Lady’s Mantle for women.

Atherosclerosis.  High Cholesterol.

Unfortunately, this disease often remains undetected, until it causes stroke or cardiac arrest.  It is years in the making, and may be detected earlier from cholesterol levels in the blood, or other more recent methods.

By returning Cholesterol levels to normal we can prevent any further plaque formation.

Cleavers                      day 1 and 4
Valerian                       day 2 and 5
Hedge Mustard        day 3

To reduce Plaque in the arteries.
Hedge Mustard       10 days and 20 days after above treatment.

This will be very effective in early detections, ranging to modest in critical cases. 
Cutting out Smoking, and Saturated Fat in diet is Essential !

Bowel Dysfunction

This includes Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, and any other condition except Cancer.

Lady’s Mantle    women.

After 1 week

For Diverticulitis.                                                                                                                                                      Start with      

Burdock, add Woundwort each week.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Bronchitis. Bronchiectasis. are caused by Solar Plexus centre deficiency.

Marsh Mallow
Devil’s Bit Scabious 

Cleavers    After a fortnight

Emphysema is caused by depletion of the Sacral centre.

Devil’s Bit Scabious
Marsh Mallow                           

Sage      after I week

There is no more treatment, but improvement can continue for several months.  As ever, expectations depend on age, severity etc.  In most cases there is marked improvement.


Includes grief and loneliness.  It is the result of circumstances, as opposed to depression, which is an internal cause.  However, depression may well ensue. (Request document)
Scarlet Pimpernel   


Sage,   Salt
Lady’s Mantle
Knapweed              Preferable, but not essential.

After 10 days,


Vervain          2 doses, I week apart

Gum Diseases

Scarlet Pimpernel


Vervain           day 1 and 4

Heart centre may be involved – heat, anxiety, insomnia etc
Yew/valerian mix     day 2 and 5

Heart conditions

These can be complex, and should be left to specialists.  However,

Valerian/Yew mix
Scarlet Pimpernel
would be very helpful.  Repeat a single dose of the mix every month, if appropriate.

Hiatus Hernia

Scarlet Pimpernel

Yew  after 1 week,


White Clover                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Vervain                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Valerian/Yew mix

Repeat after a fortnight’s break, leaving out the Holly.


Yew/Valerian mix.
Scarlet Pimpernel

Yew/Valerian,         After 1 week


These pathogens are treated at the level of their organisation – Mind.  These herbs quickly neutralise all viral or bacterial function. 

For all Bacterial infection

For Viral infection:           
Wild Garlic

If in doubt, give W Garlic, followed by Burdock after a break of at least 2 hours.  (Not the other way round).

A very effective treatment for Colds and Flu is
Mugwort   2 hours (minimum) later.

Low Back Disorders

Other than Trauma, all Chronic Low Back problems stem from the Sacral centre.

In many cases, this is all.  However, a sizable minority actually originate in the Heart centre, which then disrupts the sacral.

Sage,   Salt
Common Mallow
Lady’s Mantle         Women

Sage, after 10 days

If you suspect the Heart is involved –  indicated by insomnia or anxiety.  This can sometimes have a profound effect, releasing  emotional tension, which has locked the vertebral muscles. 

Valerian/Yew mix,  
Scarlet Pimpernel

Arthritis.  This condition may cause all of the above, or be an accessory to the fact.  It may only be apparent by X-ray.

Bittersweet ,   Salt.    Repeat after 2 weeks.      

This regime can have profound effect on lives which have been blighted by pain. But the mechanics of the spine can be complicated, and beyond the scope of herbs to unravel.

Unless a good recovery is quickly evident, a working relationship with an osteopath/chiropractor is essential.  Since the sacral centre is corrected, their work will then be far more effective.

Mental Health

Plant spirit medicine can have profound and speedy effect on many these conditions.  The subject is too lengthy to include here.  You can request a document, outlining our full treatment of these conditions.



Cleavers  and  Sage.   Repeat after 1 week.


Valerian/Yew mix           

 Vervain ,  after 1 week.


Cleavers,  Salt
Yellow Flag
Mugwort, if exhausted

Cleavers,  after I week

Obesity is usually accompanied by other problems, which can then be addressed.

Obsessive Behaviour


Paget’s disease

This can be arrested in most cases, and improved in many.  We can be hopeful of a good recovery in younger patients.

Sage,   Salt
Lady’s Mantle

Repeat after 2 weeks.


Pain can be greatly reduced by these two herbs used together.  They reduce the nerve signal to a near normal level.  This can make an enormous difference to a life beleaguered by pain.  There are two considerations:

Pain tells us where there is a problem, which may be serious.  In this case, the sensation will always continue, to some extent.  It must be addressed.

Chronic pain may well disappear completely, but will gradually return if this not part of a more comprehensive treatment.

Ground Ivy / Speedwell  Mix

Chronic pain   1 dose
Acute pain       1 dose, 2 consecutive days.


         If pain, heavy, or irregular,

Lady’s  Mantle

        If stopped, or scanty


Post Traumatic Shock

The nervous system ‘freezes’ and holds the trauma in its function.  This can be a general breakdown, or local, as in whiplash or any other spasm.


Raynaud Syndrome (primary)

Scarlet Pimpernel

         If severe, add
Hedge Mustard

Renal diseases

These are complex and treatment should be left to specialists.  However, it would be significantly enhanced by

Sage                         day 1 and 4
Tufted Vetch         day2 and 5

Sexual Dysfunction

Unless caused by diabetes, or other serious condition or old age, this is usually due to the heart centre repressing the sacral centre.

Scarlet Pimpernel             
Lady’s Mantle  (women)  
Sage                    (men)      

This may well release emotional blockage, (especially in men !)  allowing the patient to move on.

Repeat   after two weeks.


Herb Robert,    once a week would hasten chronic cases.

If Catarrh
Cleavers.   Repeat after 1 week if necessary.


Any dysfunction , except cancer.

Valerian/Yew mix, if heart centre involved, eg   
                                                                           Anxiety or heat.
Vervain if stiffness anywhere (common).

Hiatus Hernia.  See above.


               Hyper – Sacral centre is deficient.

Lady’s Mantle          women                              
Devil’s Bit Scabious                                      

              Hypo – Solar plexus is deficient.

Devil’s Bit Scabious  


Devil’s Bit Scabious    

Urinary Tract 

For infection


For other conditions

Golden Rod


The Semi Circular Canals are affected.  This is either due to congestion, or degeneration.

Vervain     after 10 days

This is enough to clear congestion.  If the problem persists, it is degeneration.  Add

Woundwort             day 1 and 4
Forget me not        day 2 and 5

This is effective in varying degrees, up to age of approx 70 .



      Tape 1 dose of herb over the wart for one hour. Repeat 3 days later.

For areas of many warts, you need only treat a few bigger ones.


This is the territory of serious accidents and warfare.  Historically, herbal medicine was the only option, and has a lot to offer.  Sooner or later we may have the opportunity to treat these, where conventional treatment is struggling.  A few spectacular recoveries will open doors !

Use either Woundwort or Selfheal. They are the herbs of choice.  There are many others of varying power, but these two are in their own class.  We can use them as a wash, salve, or dressing.  The effect of these herbs is to regenerate flesh and skin quickly, and of the right tissue.  This means little or no scar tissue.

1 dose by mouth,

Then for serious wounds:

                As a Salve

Prepare as for skin (below).  Smear on the outside of the first layer of dressing.


 Wash only.  Smear a few drops of Lavender essential oil on the dressing.

        Ligament, Cartilage and Bone damage

Comfrey by mouth
Comfrey salve.

When a break has set badly, or a joint is deformed, growth must be corrected, according to the ‘blueprint’ of the original.  Comfrey, applied as a salve can have a remarkable effect.  Once every 3 days..

 Skin diseases

A browse through old herbals will show how common all manner of eruptions and swellings etc were in past times.  We are now better fed and cleaner, and treatments have been lost, but skin conditions of any kind cause a lot of emotional stress.

         For Eczema, Psoriasis, or any Rash

Scarlet Pimpernel  

Repeat  after 1 week.



          For any Swelling, Mole, Cyst etc.    

Burdock salve , every 2 days

         Birthmarks of any kind.                                      

Marigold /Comfrey salve, every 3 days
Comfrey by mouth after two years old.


Yew by mouth.

        Eruptions, i.e. any area of broken skin. 

These include Impetigo, Erysipelas, Cold Sores  
Burdock  by mouth, (except leg ulcers).
Marigold Salve, every 2 days.

 Leg ulcers.   

Woundwort dressing.  No salve.

       For any treatment on the feet, add


      For Aging skin.

Sage,           Once every 3 months
Cleavers                 ditto

Make separate oils of Woundwort and Marigold, then mix.    Leave out the wax.
Apply thinly once a week.

To make Salve

Bring to a simmer 1 dose herb in 50- 100 mls Olive oil.
Turn off heat, and leave for 5 minutes.
Strain, and melt in a little beeswax while hot, or just use as an Oil.

** Never boil 2 herbs together.  Only mix afterwards.
Keep in fridge up to 18 month