Modern Sanctuary Herbs

This list is the current Modern Sanctuary framework of treatment, using plant spirits. Ultimately, this is an art, as well as a science. But here we give insight into each herb individually.

VervainBurdockWild Garlic
Marsh MallowDevil’s Bit Scabious 
YewGround IvySpeedwell
Scarlet PimpernelMarigold 
Yellow Flag White Clover 
Sage Betony 
Lady’s MantleWhite Campion 

The first eleven herbs treat the seven Centres, at source. They are fundamental to most treatment, as they treat the root cause.


Holly corrects the crown centre. This centre rarely malfunctions, but is sometimes agitated when the patient is resisting inevitable change, ie spiritual growth.

This invariably comes with a degree of neck pain (in the vertebral muscles, not the trapezius).

It is indicated, with Vervain, for people stuck in their lives. It is for Moving On to pastures new, rather than letting go of old baggage, for which we use Agrimony. When in doubt, use both.


This is the ultimate herb of the brow centre. This centre regulates the nervous system, and its effect on various organs and muscles. It is the means by which the body regulates the effects of spiritual change.

We all undergo change throughout our lives – it is the meaning of life. We often resist this change, unwittingly or not. When this happens, the nervous system always tightens muscles to some degree. This is most common along the spine, especially the trapezius, giving stiff shoulders, and vertebrae T1 to T4. Lumbar pain often originates here also.

The organ most readily affected is the colon. This can be instant, as in the case of diarrhoea following an upset. It is the cause of IBS and is involved in almost all bowel conditions to some degree. Results can be astonishing.

Stomach and heart can also be affected, in which case there will always be stiffness somewhere in the body.

It is a major factor in anxiety and depression, and often a factor in arthritis.

The brow centre is responsible for all functions in the head, except the eyes. Vervain is the sovereign herb (as Culpepper would put it) in treatment of the brain, sinuses, ears and pituitary.

Lastly, it is the basis of all treatment of disease of the Nervous System, including Epilepsy, M.S., Trauma, and Degenerative conditions.

Marsh Mallow

This is indicated in all Lung and Thyroid problems. It may also treat difficulty with self expression, on a psychological level.


Valerian empowers the heart centre, when under active. It is therefore important in anxiety, insomnia, and heart disease.

It is often difficult to assess whether to use Valerian, or Yew. So often, agitation has led to exhaustion, or weakness has led to agitation. It is best to use both.

Valerian is also indicated for blood disorders, and for arterial circulation.


Yew calms the heart centre, when over active. Therein lies much of the treatment of the heart itself. Over activity leads to Anxiety, Over Zealousness, Insomnia, and Heart disease.

Yew has a profound effect on this centre, resulting in peace and less wasted energy. In heart disease, it is usually used together with Valerian.

Peace is a state of mind and emotion to which we all strive, whether we realise it or not. We can use the Yew/Valerian Mix in any situation we feel it might help.

It is a wonderful anti inflammatory. Use the first two days of the overall treatment.

Scarlet Pimpernel

The Heart centre is rarely completely free. We all have our issues !

This important herb Releases this centre.

It is wonderful when Loneliness is a factor in the patient’s life. The effect is sometimes profound.

Consider in any Heart centre treatment, that is not responding well.

Use with Valerian for Arterial Circulation and Heart conditions.

It is essential for most Skin conditions.

It is sometimes necessary, when the Heart centre is supressing the Sacral, leading to Lumbar, Sexual, or Urinary problems.


Cleavers cover the whole action of the solar plexus. This comprises the entire digestive system, including liver and pancreas. Also the breasts, venous, and lymphatic systems.

A weakened digestion can also drain the heart or lungs, or lead to diabetes.

We must also use Cleavers in weight problems, including Anorexia, since it instils Confidence – the product of a healthy solar plexus.

Yellow Flag

This greatly invigorates the solar plexus physical energy, and therefore the entire digestive process and metabolism. We must primarily use Cleavers in all cases, to treat the cause, but they have a slower effect on the vitality.

Flag is especially indicated in all Eating Disorders, and Epigastric bloating.


Sage is an overall treatment for the sacral centre. This centre is responsible for the urogenital function, the adrenals, lumbar spine, and legs.

In addition, the adrenal output can compromise the lungs, heart or vitality.

It is essential in arthritis and asthma.

This wonderful herb therefore, underpins one of the central support systems of the body. It is indicated in any chronic condition that is not responding, or when sacral energy seems low.

It is central to treating a poor immune system and poor Stamina. Also, to follow treatment of chronic infection.

However, by itself, it is sometimes not quite complete in its treatment for Women. For chronic or serious cases, it is usually necessary to also use Lady’s Mantle.

Lady’s Mantle

This herb treats deeper aspects of the sacral centre, in women. Use when Sage is indicated, in most cases.


The complete herb for the base centre.

All congenital defects are due to this function being compromised. They can be greatly helped by treating as young as possible, often with salve.

The base centre also governs the bones, tendons, cartilage and ligaments, as well as the legs and hair. Healing of these structures is unsurpassed by any other means than Comfrey.

A ready made supply of Comfrey Salve, kept in a fridge, is a useful addition to a busy clinic.

The following are major herbs for various Syndromes.


This herb affects the emotional state as a whole, to let go of negativity. It is an important herb.

In times of stress, or after trauma, the emotional state can become dysfunctional to some degree. This may last for years. It is due to circumstances, rather than a problem in the centres.

This in turn leads to exhaustion, or disinterest in life, which resists regular treatment. Agrimony is very effective at releasing this rigid state.


This is the prime herb to treat the Nervous system and Brain. It is used in conjunction with Vervain.


For all bacterial infection.
Parasites, such as worms.
Fungal – Athlete’s Foot or similar.
All benign Swellings.


This is a specific herb for all Arthritic conditions. These must also be treated with Sage, to correct adrenal output. This herb will cure or improve all but the most advanced cases.

Devil’s Bit Scabious

This is the major herb to regulate the Thyroid. Use in all cases. Also use for COPD and chronic Asthma.


Specific and essential for all skin complaints.


A specific for all eye treatment, whether diseased or correcting the vision.


Chronic cases can lead to Exhaustion of the energy body as a whole. Even when we have used the prescribed herbs for the whole picture, there can be lingering tiredness and aching.

It can also be added to any Salve, to enhance the effect. This is especially important when a Salve is a major part of the treatment.

Ground Ivy / Speedwell Mix

Can be invaluable in cases of extreme pain. This can be from spasm, inflammation, or disruption due to spurs, growths, or internal injury.

It will reduce nerve pain signal greatly. It is therefore important to treat or monitor the cause.

White Campion

This herb empowers the whole emotional state. It can be considered wherever a patient has lost hope, or has a negative outlook.

It is a specific, and powerfully effective herb for Depression. But the full protocol of treating the various centres must be followed.

Also use for some Mental conditions.

This herb can change lives.

Wild Garlic

For all viral infection


Woundwort, or Selfheal, are the ultimate herbs to heal flesh, skin, and arterioles. They also help regenerate some internal organs.

Helper Herbs are specific to a condition. They target organs or functions, and speed the effect.

Creeping Jenny

Target herb for all Pancreas treatment – Diabetis, Cystic Fibrosis, Adenoma. Only use with Cleavers.

Common Mallow

Use in all chronic Lumbar pain. It realigns the physical structure. These cases can be complex, but this herb can have a profound effect.


Greatly speeds Prostate treatment.

Hedge Mustard

Stimulates peripheral circulation:
Reynaud’s syndrome

Herb Robert

A powerful astringent. It has a major impact on chronic Sinusitis, and Lymphoedema (for which it should be considered necessary).

Will also help Leucorrhoea.

Honeysuckle (Wild)

Specific for Varicose veins


Specific for any treatment of Ovaries.