What happens to us when we connect to the greater stream of life as a result of these exercises?

This connection makes us part of the Purpose which is inherent in all life on Earth. We therefore become willing instruments of that purpose. We could consider the concepts and exercises on this website as a foundation course.

There is no set curriculum, and no exam. Each of us has our needs and will make our own pace. As we draw nearer in consciousness to the source of all healing, we can be sure of guidance as to our next step. How does this happen?

Looking from the perspective of the greater life we are part of, one of its units is becoming less separate from the whole. It is open to suggestion because it is learning to listen. As such, it becomes a focal point, to which other units – patients, can be directed for their own development or healing.

As we become a little less preoccupied with day to day affairs and give more time to inner development, we begin to function more as a soul. That is, we respond to our true agenda and know that we have things to accomplish beyond the rightful demands of family and earning a living.

As souls, we are immortal, only growing and shedding physical bodies to work and learn on earth. Once we reach a certain point in development, we can use some of this time to work for the greater purpose, beyond our personal agenda. But we don’t work alone.
All spiritual work carried out on earth is a result of group work at other levels. Once we respond to impulse from our soul, we are responding to the group with which it is working. This holds true whether we are healers, engineers, politicians or whatever.

Again, from the perspective of the healing source, its effort goes out into Groups of Endeavour, which carry out the overall healing plan via their individual units – us. Thus do hospitals, schools of thought, pioneering departments, and various institutions make their appearance. Each new departure is marked by individuals who respond to an idea and are joined by others on the same wavelength, or who motivate those around them who as yet don’t hear their own inner voice.

So does this have relevance to those of us working alone? Even working alone, we necessarily make closer soul contact as we progress as healers. Many people have no direct realisation of this, but nevertheless are providing a service as part of a greater scheme. In this way a group effort is still achieved, via the units of that group.

Where does all this leave us in practice? Should we strive to be more aware of our activity at soul level? Since this is happening anyway, we don’t need to try to influence it, but it is helpful in understanding our work to be aware of it. This understanding is a comfort, and itself opens up a greater flow of awareness and therefore speeds up progress

Life Force

Life force is the power of our soul to motivate our physical body. As healers, we often have problems with vitality at some stage, when this force becomes withdrawn. This is a time when we are obliged to look inwards and sort our own health. These difficult times can be navigated with sureness and speed if we can re-open full soul contact.

Whenever we are struggling, we need only to ask the way: The first question is “What is the meaning of this problem?” We address this to that part of our being, which knows the answer. This is the part of us which has the agenda, and is seeking to manifest it at this point in time.
By asking, we put ourselves into a receptive state. We then wait for a response, which may be a realisation, or felt as an energy shift. The next question is “Where do I go from here?”, which is answered in the same way.

By repeating this process as often as seems fit, we can drop old issues that are manifesting as handicaps, and gain power as quickly as possible.


Ultimately, we are responsible for everything in our life. When we find ourselves in circumstances which thwart us, we must realise that we have found our way to them, in order to develop the very qualities we need to overcome them.

While it is natural to feel resentment towards those involved, we must realise that they are answering our call – we cannot progress without them! How can we bring adverse circumstances to the best conclusion?

Firstly, we must ask our higher self for the quality to be acquired. We sit in a receptive state and simply ask for what we need. What we get is twofold – an understanding of what we need, and an input of that quality.

Secondly, how can we best deal with any other people involved? Since they too have their needs, we can ask for their healing, as we would a patient. Turning our attention to the source of all healing, we ask what is needed, and for it to be given.

In close personal relationships, it is sometimes impossible to move on until this is done.

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