Development of Herbal Lore

Mastery of Herbs

What does this mean? To be a Master in the everyday world, is to have achieved a standard of practice that is noted by our peers, as being comprehensive and exceptional. A master is therefore turned to for guidance and understanding.

Within the inner life of an individual is a further meaning. All healing emanates from a source within the Heart. It is by development of this centre that Intuition flows. A master is so guided from within, that her or his actions are always right in the circumstances. They have reached a certain point of evolution.

As herbalists, we can only progress beyond a certain level of competence, by development of the heart – even if we are unaware of this at first. We can only properly understand the seven centres, or chakras, by recognising them within ourselves. They then cease to be a concept, but a reality that we have to work with.

We can then start to see a patient presenting, not a complex of symptoms, but manifesting the signs of one of more centres not functioning perfectly. Once we can match the fundamental problem with a corresponding plant remedy, treatment is more straight forward.

This goal is a lifetime’s journey, but there are three concepts, which borne in mind, will keep us orientated towards that goal.

That love is the fundamental force behind healing.

That nature, and this includes our own physical bodies, is self-repairing if we let it.

That by developing our heart and solar plexus we harness these two forces.

Right Use of Plant Spirits

We have sought to show throughout that each plant spirit treats one fundamental concept or vibration. The variety of symptoms which may respond to this, may be many or few.  We have given guidelines both for the seven centres and most of the modern conditions we will come across. However, this is rather like painting by numbers. It is a basic framework for anyone to follow.

The herb we are now using, is actively introducing a quality into the patient, which will counter the disease at source. We can now consider how, in our own practice, we can go beyond the overall scheme already outlined for general use. There are no rules – only guidelines:

The heart and solar plexus must be refined.

We  must make regular trips into the natural world and develop a relationship with nature. By sitting quietly and stating your intent, you are heard.

Learn and know the plants you see, especially those that appeal to you.

These three simple instructions embody the whole journey.


The Plant Body

What do we have here? At best, a living vibration carrying the intent of that plant. At worst, a dusty bag of cellulose with a decaying biochemistry.

The plant body is a vehicle for vibration, as is our own. If that vibration is intact it will pulsate in the energy body of the patient. Without this we have a dead herb – which may still effectively treat symptoms with its biochemistry.


Herbal Lore becomes a rewarding journey, once we start to grow and gather, however modestly we may begin.

Vervain, Marsh Mallow, Cleavers, Yew/Valerian Mix, Sage and Comfrey are the most important building blocks of most treatments.

Healing comes from the heart.

Empathy with plants comes through the solar plexus.

Without Intellect and study, the intuition is not grounded. We would be idealists without hard and fast results.

Without Intuition, we would gather ever more facts, but the power of our treatment remain the same.  We owe it to ourselves to move on.



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