Points of View


Why is a herbalist drawn to herbs? Why does an osteopath choose to treat the body in this way? If we consider the need from the viewpoint of these ‘groups of endeavour’, then it would appear that various disciplines within healing need the appropriate manpower.

Since we are working out the agenda of our soul, we could assume that at that level, we are part of a coherent plan. As such, our power is guaranteed once we develop the ability to hear the inner voice. We are drawn along a certain path in order to serve and at the same time develop, but it would be a mistake to think that we all start from the same point.

The concept of Spiritual Age explains how some healers are so highly developed. Just as we are at all at a different stage of our life and get better at our job as we get older, so the soul is also developing. Some are young, some are old.

An old soul, having mastered much, tends to lead the way, by teaching, by innovation, or by example. A younger soul, because of its need, spends more time as a student and develops at its own pace.

We could also add that until we hear our inner voice, no-one can consciously heal – as opposed to carrying out the medicine we have learned. Healing in the wider sense means to convey a spiritual input, to carry the patient beyond the point they are stuck at. It is only by our own development that we can do this.

What are the qualities we need to develop? Firstly, unless we have Vision, we can’t move forward. Vision is openness of the brow centre, which allows light into our everyday awareness.
Secondly, we need Compassion. This is a quality of the heart. It is an openness to suffering, which draws upon any means available as an antidote.

Vision and Compassion are needed in equal measure; one is little use without the other. Which means that we must develop the heart and brow together. By this means we can follow the way mapped out by our soul and gain in ability to heal as quickly as possible.


Integration is a means of communication. Individuals working in isolation can only serve their own ends, they don’t share in a greater goal. By integrating, we can gain strength from being part of a bigger unit, which is itself part of the source of all healing.

How does an individual working alone become aware of their part in the greater scheme of things, and consciously join in? Since, as a soul, they are already doing this, they have only to open up to their soul, to access power and understanding.

But why should anyone want to go to this trouble anyway, when they may be functioning successfully as they are? The point is, we are only driven onwards by our inner voice when we are ready to progress. So the decision is made from within, compelling us on by dissatisfaction with the status quo.

If ideas are disseminated from our soul life, it stands to reason that other people’s ideas may be as valid as our own. Furthermore, we tend to be attracted to ideas of others when the time is right. In this way, new ideas sometimes catch on and are adopted across the board and society moves onwards.

Today, we cannot know the full meaning of the ideas we may be getting, we have to act on them for them to unfold. If we make an effort to listen, we can empower our actions because we are connecting to the source of them more directly.




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