Inner Meaning

The Source

Healing is a fundamental principle of life. There must always be a tendency of life to connect its myriad processes. The intelligence which directs this particular process is the source of all healing. It is the self same force that holds things together in their relative place to each other. It is the same force which therefore binds families, lovers and friends.

We know it as Love – pure and unconditional, , not to be confused with need or sentiment. This source is seated in the heart centre. It is here we resonate to that great principle of the universe. It is here that we can choose to open ourselves to unlimited power by following a few simple rules:

   Centre our awareness in our heart centre once a day
   Listen to our heartbeat for half a minute (fingers in ears).
   Breathe gently and observe our breath for half a minute, without in any way influencing its rhythm.

This daily routine is enough to connect us to the source of all healing and for it to start to change our lives.

Cause and effect

What is happening here? How does an event occur, or influence another event? The key to understanding all cause and effect is Resonance. Every thought sends out a note which has an effect according to its power. We cannot heal an effect while its source is still transmitting.

So how do we know when we have reached the source – and if this source is not the effect of an even deeper source? Ultimately, there is only one source of all thought. We, as individuals, are already part of its effect. If we are suffering symptoms of disease, it means we have altered our nature away from perfect health at some level of our being. In order to understand at what point this occurs, we need to have an idea of the total makeup of a human being.

We could perceive an individual as a very complex set of ideas, making up the total personality. These ideas or qualities are the effect of the soul having created a vehicle to carry out its needs. In the same way, we could visualise a stream of effects rippling out from this vehicle, some benign, some causing problems. It is our job to trace each problem back to its origin and heal it.
If the problem persists, then the source is beyond our reach, we must develop further or pass the patient on to one who already has.


Why do we sometimes find change so difficult? Why is it that a patient can cling on to a condition that is painful? It seems that change has a counterpoint – Inertia.  We feel safe with what we know.

Inertia is a fact of life on the material plane. Matter is solid and resists thought. Without a degree of inertia, there would be little achieved, since thought and ideas couldn’t be grounded. In order to achieve a healthy balance between the two extremes, we must cultivate a measure of Poise.

Poise means that we are balanced and ready for action. Not only have we reached a certain wisdom to avoid excess in either direction, but we become balanced in time. We are neither held back by inertia nor compelled by over-zealousness. We are therefore ready to grasp every opportunity, to recognise it for what it is, and bide our time till it arrives.
How can we achieve poise? Poise is a quality of the heart centre – the middle chakra.
Sit, hands linked, and focus on your heart

   Imagine you are walking a tightrope, steadily holding your balance without swaying.
   Now stop and stand waiting on one foot, ready for the next step, but in no hurry.
   This is poise.


As we meditate and learn, can we be sure we are not deluding ourselves? If we were never to question ourselves, could we be heading for trouble? How do we gain the balance between Confidence and Caution?

    Sit and focus on your heart. The heart resonates to the source of all healing.
    Then focus on the brow. This is the source of understanding,
    Now focus on both at once. Feel the change

At this point, reason and compassion are in balance. Whist there is no ultimate guarantee, we can be sure that we are doing our very best at this point in time.


Movement is fundamental to life. We can neither stay still from hour to hour nor stay in the same phase of life from year to year. To resist this change is the cause of much disease and frustration. Why do we at times resist change?  We are all subject to fear – without natural caution we would be a liability to ourselves. A healthy state of balance therefore needs to be held, between caution and action. When this balance tilts too far towards caution, it causes inertia, or stagnation.
For the healer, this balance is essential if they are to progress spiritually, yet do no harm as they go. Physical exercise, linked to a focussed mind, is the most effective way to keep from stagnating. We have here the basis of Tai Chi, Qi- Gong, and Yoga. These disciplines can take us to a point of dynamic action, which is centred rather than unrestrained.

We can then translate the dynamism of our own energy into a healing force, by harnessing it to the power of our Heart centre. It follows then, that as we develop our Heart, our vitality must keep apace. Since all energy is appropriated from the planet, it is necessary for us to be well connected to Earth, via our Solar Plexus and Sacral centres.  We know from our clinical experience how these energies are easily incapacitated by various emotional states, so how do we deal with our own?

It would be unrealistic to expect to clear all our unresolved issues as soon as we take up the healing path, but if we could find a way, whereby our physical energy were not incapacitated while we deal with them, it could aid our progress enormously. It would also help our patients.
For those who don’t follow one of the above paths, it would be of immediate help to link the mind to some form of movement:

    Stand, palms on the chest and observe your breathing, without it changing.
    Reach both arms up to the sky and take a full breath. Breathe out.
Repeat twice more.

    Stand, arms loosely by your sides.
    Bend forward from the waist, allowing your body, head and arms to hang limp. Observe the breath.
    Kneel, with your body relaxed forward, head resting on the floor (Pose of the child). Observe the breath.
    Straighten up, return the palms together at the chest, breathe deeply a few times.

Do often.

Finally, if we had a means to keep our minds calm, we would be all the more receptive to the voice of the Intuition. We can achieve this by regularly linking with Spirit:
    Sit and observe your breathing.
    Focus your attention in the centre of the forehead and with each outbreath, allow your body to relax.
    After a few breaths, focus on the inbreath and imagine you are breathing in stillness.


The Heart Centre

The following diagrams will take us on a journey. As we progress through the eight stages, our Heart centres will go through a series of shifts. It is the development of the Heart that makes a healer:

1) Gaze into the eye and let your focus soften. Be aware of your energy and muscles pulling and changing, but maintain a gentle concentration on the eye. When the changes have occurred, there will be a settled feeling. This may take a few moments, or several sittings. Until the shift is complete, the next diagram will have no effect.

2) Soft focus on the point at the top of the central vertical line. Be aware of your shoulders and hips, while maintaining focus. When the changes have settled, move on.

3) Focus at the centre. Allow your whole body to relax. Wait until settled.

4) Soft focus on the whole circle. Allow your whole body to settle.

5) Focus on the vertical line at the point of intersection with the small triangle. Settle. Then soft focus on the centre point until your whole body settles.

6) Focus at the apex of the upper, inner triangle. Settle, then soft focus at the centre, until your whole bode settles.

7) Soft focus on the upper, inner circle until your body settles, then soft focus on the lower one. Settle, then soft focus at the centre.

8) Focus on the star. Settle, then soft focus into the central space. Allow your body to settle, then look into the eyes. Settle and return to the central space.

This journey is not only into our Heart centre, but into the Heart of all things. The Heart is a focal point within us, of a power which pervades the whole Universe. It is the power which unifies all living things. By developing our ability to respond to it, we increase our share in it. Our capacity for Compassion and ability to act on it increase in proportion. In order to heal, we must merge this capacity with our intellect. The skills we have learned become empowered by this force, which earths itself through us. We could imagine ourselves as an aerial which receives and transmits this power, via our work.
The journey through these eight diagrams takes the Heart centre through a series of shifts, so that it is attuned to the principle of Love, which permeates all life. Our treatments progress.


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5 6 7 8


The Solar Plexus

This sequence of diagrams serves to adjust the Solar Plexus centre. It is through this, that we psychically connect with the Mind of the planet. In order to understand clearly what we are treating, we need to connect to the emotional cause in the patient. We do this via the sensitivity of the solar plexus. If this is not well adjusted, we will be prone to mistakes or woolly conclusions.

For each diagram in turn, concentrate on the centre. Move on in sequence only after you feel a sinking feeling in the stomach. This is a connection to Earth. Once the sequence is finished, the effect is permanent.


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